Which Google My Business Fields Influence Your Business Ranking?

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Which Google My Business Fields Influence Your Business Ranking?

If you ever check Google my business profile, you must have known about the customization options you get and these are many which make it even more challenging to make decisions such as what to focus on. According to SERP ranking, four essential GMB fields impact your business local results. 

As a business, our foremost search is how to get your business to show up on google first? Right! So, let’s understand in detail how you can make it happen.

Business name: According to the local search ranking factors, among all the fields that contribute to the business ranking and have the most weightage is your Business Name. You must go with a keyword-rich business name. But don’t add descriptive words into the business name and then submit corrections to Google for it, because it is against the guidelines.

Categories: The second thing that influences google my business ranking is categories. Basically, it might sound simple because you pick your categories. And you can add a total of 10, but do you know that Google has around 4,000 categories currently, and they keep on adding more and removing them. According to the tracking information, about two to 10 on average changes every month. Thus, it is something you need to keep track of.

Website: Another important thing that impacts ranking, mainly on number three would be the website field. It is something which you have to test or analyse a page on your website you want to link your GMB listing to. You may find some businesses go with the homepage which is good but its much better to link to a location page.

So, if you’re in a business having lots of varied listings such as departments or practitioner listings and want to link those pages on your site, to maximize your exposure, but make sure you must not try to rank all the listings for the same thing as it won’t happen. 

Reviews: The last thing to influence google my business SEO India ranking is reviews as it does make an impact on your business ranking. Say, if you’re a business and have 20 or 30 reviews in the start, you might see your business ranking increase, which is great. And there are lots of reasons as a business to focus on reviews as it actually has a direct impact on ranking.

Things you do which won’t impact on ranking:

  • If you’re a business that offers products or services, you can technically list them but it will not contribute to the ranking part.
  • Other is the Q&A section, despite adding random keywords and things that we post in the answers and questions, there was no measurable impact on ranking.


The four things that you must remember inside Google My Business to influence your ranking is your business name, categories, website field, and review section on Google. So, before going further look for the things that must impact ranking. As ultimately our goal is sales!