SEO for Dummies: How to Optimize Your Website For Better Ranking

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SEO for Dummies: How to Optimize Your Website For Better Ranking

To grow your business online Search engine optimization is a very important factor. It is a tricky process that demands time and money.  It conveys the highest return of investment, which you must adopt in your business.  Without search engine optimization, your website is just like a shop opened in the middle of the mountains.  If you are starting search engine optimization then this guide is for you.  In today’s guide, we will tell you about the basics of search engine optimization and what type of search engine optimization will be favorable for your business. 

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What is a Search Engine and How does it Work?

Search engines are software that provides answers to any type of web search.  Every search engine has a search box in which the user types his web search i.e. keywords.  That page is called the Search Engine Result Page (SERPS).  The information on this page can be in many formats such as webpage, infographic, video, audio, or mixed data.  In the old search engines, data was organized artificially by humans, but now advanced search engines use web crawlers and search algorithms to present the data systematically.  A list of some famous and advanced search engines in the world is presented in front of you –

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • ALL
  • Ask
  • Excite
  • DuckDuckgo

All the search engines referred to above have some similarities but the function of all is web search.  Different search engines are used in different countries.  If we talk about India, every child is familiar with Google, while Bing is a very famous search engine in America.  Bing software is developed by Microsoft that was created in 2009.  It is also considered Google’s closest competitor, its algorithms closely match those of Google, and is the second most used search engine in the world.

China does not use a search engine made in any foreign country, there is the use of a search engine made in China, called Baidu.  We are telling you all this so that you can understand what search engines are before search engine optimization and which search engine we should consider as our primary.

How to Decide Which Search Engine is Perfect for You?

In the above lines, you will have got an in-depth knowledge of search engines.  Now we will confide in you that when you are going to start your search engine optimization, which search engine should be considered as your primary search engine?  The answer is very simple, first of all, you should know in which country you want to rank the website.  When you have found your country, accordingly you will understand very conveniently which search engine is used the most there. 

For example, if your business wants to spread its footprint all over India, then Google is enough for you.  If you make your online presence strong on Google, then understand that you have won the whole battle.

On the other hand, if you are inspired to take your business to a new dimension in a country like America, then you should pay attention to Bing along with Google because a large population there uses Bing.

Now we are going to explain to you the basics of Search Engine Optimization.  You will learn how you will be able to get your business a top-notch position on search engines like Google and Bing.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization ie SEO is a process of the visibility and performance of a website is boosted। Simply put, search engine optimization is used to boost website traffic.  When your website is new, there is zero traffic on it, but as time passes and you perform search engine optimization by adopting the right strategy, traffic starts moving toward your website.  Search engine optimization is the only way to drive organic traffic.  Apart from this, you can bring traffic to the website from other sources like social media, Google Ads, etc.  But this traffic can be quite costly for you. If you google “SEO strategy” then you will get millions of strategies.  Each SEO expert has his strategy, through which he/she ranks the website.  The better one who understands the algorithm of search engine optimization, the more effective such a strategy proves to be.  The whole game of SEO is based on the search algorithm itself.  Before starting the strategy, try to understand the algorithm of the search engine. The better you understand the algorithm, the stronger your strategy will be.  As we told you there is no written strategy for search engine optimization, which you have to follow.  But there are some proven methods that you can use to optimize your strategy.  These strategies of search engine optimization are divided into several parts which are as follows – On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, White Hat Optimization, Gray Hat Optimization, Black Hat Optimization.

1. Optimize Keywords for Search Intent

Such elements of search engine optimization that make the pages of the website leave their impact and improve the user experience are called on-page optimization.  Its entire process is done on the website pages.

2. Off-Page Optimization-

Off-page optimization is the collection of elements that prove your website’s authority to search engines.  This is a major part of search engine optimization.  No search engine optimization process can be completed without off-page.  Off-page, SEO includes the main external elements like backlinking, guest posting, social media, Google ads, etc.

3. White Hat SEO-

In White Hat SEO, all the techniques are performed by following the rules and regulations of the search engine.  On-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc come under this.  It takes some time to get the white hat SEO result but this result is original.  And it happens for a long time.  White hat SEO is respected by all search engines.  That’s why our suggestion also gives priority to the page.  If you are new to the world of SEO then you should learn all the techniques of white hat SEO.

4. Black hat SEO

This is a bad search engine optimization practice, Which no search engine accepts. It breaks the webmaster’s guidelines and exploits the errors and omissions of the algorithms. Through Black Hat, you can bring any website in the search result for a few moments, but soon the search engines detect them and throw your website down.  One should stay away from this practice as it can harm you more than the benefit.  Black Hat SEO can have the following types of elements-

    • Content Automation.
    • Doorway Pages.
    • Hidden Text or Links.
    • Keyword Stuffing.
    • Reporting a Competitor (or Negative SEO)
    • Sneaky Redirects.
    • Cloaking.
    • Link Schemes.

5. Gray hat SEO

It is a mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.  We cannot call this practice as bad as the black hat, but to some extent, it tampers with the guidelines of webmasters and algorithms of search engines. 


We would never prefer that you try to break the rules and regulations of any search engine.  Because if not today or tomorrow the search engine will be aware of your methods and your website will have to bear the brunt of it. Some gray hat SEO tactics are given below-

  • Cloaking
  • Purchasing old domains
  • Duplicate content
  • Link buying
  • Social media automation and purchasing followers

Which type of SEO should you choose?

Now it is your turn that you should select which type of SEO technique for ranking your business.  As we told you earlier, the white hat SEO technique is the best for your business, because it neither breaks the regulation of Google and other search engines nor does any kind of violence.

White Hat SEO includes on-page and off-page SEO techniques.  Most SEO agencies or individuals use this technique because its result is long-lasting, its process is also very familiar and easy. 

User experience is the priority in this SEO practice, whereas in Black Hat SEO, search engines are the priority. No matter how messy the user experience is.

Let us tell you how you can perform better on-page and off-page SEO practice-

Best On-Page SEO Practices-

In this checklist I am going to share some most important on-page SEO checklists, let’s get started-

Meta Title- Title is the name of any webpage, which indicates the reliability of the page to the search engines.  There are 7 natural titles including the total heading tags in the content, which are used by a rule, while writing the title of any webpage, you should keep the following things in mind –

  • The length of the title should be a maximum of 55 characters.
  • The title should first contain the primary key than the second and lastly the name of your brand.
  • The primary keyboard and secondary keyboard should be separated by a dash.
  • The title Should be completely original.

Meta description- Meta descriptions are not as important to the term of search engine optimization as they affect your click-through rate.  An impressive meta description can force prospects to visit your website.  Set your keyboard smartly in the meta description so that both the search engine and the user are impressed.  Below are some meta description best practices, have a look-

  • Your web page or article should contain the purpose.
  •  Length must be within 160 characters.
  •  Your primary and secondary keywords must be beads.
  •  Avoid using any type of symbol.

On-page content optimization-  Content is a very unique part of your website.  It is very important to optimize it according to the search engine.  At the same time, the content is like a kind of guidance that helps your user to take the next step.  A great content strategy must have the following things –

  • The keyword density in the content should be between 1.5 to 5%.
  •  Keywords should be in the form of a variety of synonyms and phrases.
  • Content should be divided into small subheadings.
  • Heading tax should be used properly.
  • Multimedia must be added to the content.
  •  It is very important to have external and internal links in the content.
  •  The length of the content should be longer than that of your competitor and should be full of information.
  • The content should be informative, do not add too many promotional lines, it spoils the quality of the content.
  • The use of proper grammar should be easy to read without any spelling errors.

Use proper anchor text-  While doing internal linking, keep in mind that use the proper anchor tax.  Anchor text is the word on which you place a link.  Anchor text sends a signal to search engines about whose bird your link is appropriate for.  And that link gets authority on that keyword.  Below are some of the best ways to use the proper anchor tax.

  • For example- If you are a web designing agency, and you want to call your service in your content then use BR Best Web Designing Services Provider in India instead of Click Here.  By using this type of anchor text, you will be able to create the best backlink for that page.
  • Target keywords and synonyms in the anchor text.
  • You can have multiple internal linking in one content.
  •  Highlight the keyword on which the internal linking is done, so that the reader understands that there is something different here.

File names and Images ALT tags-  The name of any type of multimedia file uploaded on the website should be correct.  If it is an image file then it must be ALT.  This is part of the image optimization process that ranks your image file in Google Images.  According to some research, 25 to 30 percent of the total traffic to your website is generated through image search.  Following are some of the processes of image optimization –

  • ALT tags are best describing your image.
  • Never use underscore in the ALT tag, always use dashes.
  • Never use non-alpha words in your filename or ALT tags.

Best Off-Page SEO Practices-

Strong Bank Link Profile – Before starting off-page auditing of the website, you should check its batting profile. You can take the help of tools from ahrefs, google search console, and semrush to check this.  

If you use Ahrefs and semrush then you will also be able to know the DA and PA of your website.  Make a note of this in your diary so that you can forgive the success of your backlinks effort. 

If your backlink profile is strong then your website’s DA/PA score will be extremely reasonable.  Do inspect the backlink profile of your competitor’s website and find out from where they are getting backlinks and how much authority. when your backlinks are better than theirs then your off-page effort will give better results than them.

Fix 404 error- When you delete any page of the website or misspelled any URL, then this type of error shows to the user, which creates a dirty experience.

The sooner you fix these errors, your ranking will be saved from going down because they also pose a threat to off-page SEO.  You can use a tool called Screaming Frog to fix the 404 error.  It is free and can crawl 500 URLs at a time.  If you take the pad version of it, then it becomes unlimited.  With this tool, not only broken links can be seen on deleted pages but also their anchor text, which makes your work easy.

Social Media Marketing – Social media is a type of off-page optimization considered.  Make sure just to show social media, keep providing some valuable content on it daily and keep interacting with your users.  Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are some of the famous social media platforms that procure links to your website as well as strengthen their presence on search engines.

Survive on Business Directories – Select the best business directory according to your business and list your business on it.  Google My Business is a great directory on which every business should be listed.  With a proper Google My Business listing, you can expect to get 63% of the clip in your local search.  Justdial, Good firm, Yelp, and Indiamart are some of the business directories that provide backlinks to your business and win customer trust for you.  While creating your profile on the business directory, keep in mind that the company name, address, phone number should be correct, if you are adding a map, then the map should also be correct.

Paid Ads Promotion – If you have the budget for marketing then you can resort to Paid Ads. Through Paid Ads, you can reach your product or service to a very large audience and bring good traffic to your website.  It is a part of an off-page SEO strategy but it is not free, it demands a lot of capital.  With the help of platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Ads LinkedIn Ads, etc., you can make your website the center of traffic overnight.


I hope so if you have read the article completely then you must have understood about Search Engine Optimization.  This is a basic guide that provides you information about the basics of search engines.  Because search engine optimization is an art, every professional uses their strategy to perform it. If you are new to SEO then you can start your search engine optimization process with these basics, gradually you will start getting the idea yourself which strategy is better for you.