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How to analyze SEO results

How to Measure SEO Performance and Success?

SEO is a process that is used to optimize your website and content and get top ranking in Google. All website owners want to see their content on the first spot of Google search results. When any content of your website ranks on Google, then it generates high-quality traffic to your website.

Whether you are an eCommerce owner or a service provider, an important part of your marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is incomplete without SEO. When you incorporate such an effective SEO strategy in your business, it boosts your website traffic as well as makes your website more visible in Google search results.

At the same time, it attracts new customers.

SEO is such a tactic of digital marketing which provides you the highest return of investment.

After creating an SEO strategy and implementing it to your website, the third step that happens is measuring whether it is working or not. Today I am going to share some points. With the help of these points, you can track the status of your website and also can measure the success and result of SEO work happening on your site.

Checklist to measuring SEO effort and results-

  • SERPs position
  • Organic traffic
  • Keyword position
  • CTR( click-through-rate)
  • DA and PA
  • Backlink profile
  • Website’s speed
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate



SERPs position-

To understand the SERPs position of the website, you should search the keywords related to your website. Google wants to give very relevant answers to every query or question. If your website is optimized properly then your site will show in SERPs on the particular keywords associated with your industry. If it doesn’t, then you have to look in the photos section of Google. You might show photos of you in it.

Does search engine visibility mean how many people have seen your site in google search results? With the help of Google Search Console and other SEO tools like semrush, Acres, etc, you can analyze the SERPs position of your website. If it seems to be increasing then it means that the right work is being done on your site.

Organic traffic-

The visitors that come through search results are called organic traffic. This traffic is very specific because these customers themselves come searching for you. With the help of this traffic, you increase new customers, subscribers, and members.

Organic traffic is a great measure of the success of SEO strategy. To check the organic traffic of the website, you can take the help of tools like semrush and ahrefs.

You can also analyze the organic traffic of the website in the Google Analytics tool. Here you can also know where your audience is coming from and how is it reaching your website?

Keyword position-

Keywords are search terms that have come up when users search in the Google search box to get answers to their questions. But it does not happen that every search term is the keyword. The only words or phrases that produce any genuine result on Google or other search engines are considered keywords

Identifying the right keywords and ranking your website on them is an important part of SEO strategy. When your site ranks on a keyword that is correctly targeted, then you generate traffic and leads. To better understand the keyword positioning of your website, you have to go-to tools like semrush ( keyword gap analysis) or ahref and go keyword overview section.

CTR( Click-through rate)-

The Click-through rate represents the traffic coming from your website in terms of impressions. For example, if the impression of any page of your website is 1000 times and it is clicked 100 times, then the CTR of your website is considered as 10%.

If your CTR is good then you can assume that your title and meta descriptions are well written because these are the first impressions to increase CTR. Generally 30 to 40 percent CTR is considered as a good CTR in the reference to search results. If your CTR is down then you don’t need to be too sad. Just write your title and meta description best.
If any of your pages rank on the first spot of Google then hopefully, You will get a CTR of 30%. To check your CTR, you go to the Google Search Console account of your website, and as soon as you look at the top of the performance section, you will see the CTR of your website.

Domain authority and Page authority-

The full form of DA and PA is domain authority and page authority. It is not an official term of Google, it is just to determine your website’s quality e and popularity. As your website will be popular in your DA and PA also will increase.

Domain authority and page authority are considered in the range from 1 to 100. The domain authority of the new website begins with one, while the website which is very popular like Amazon Google Facebook, their domain and page authority is around 100. If this SEO strategy is affecting your domain and page authority., If it is increasing, then your website is getting popular.
To know your domain authority you can visit semrush Domain overview, or visit Moz and Ahrefs.


Ever since the introduction of SEO, backlinks have remained an important part of the search factor.
There are two types of backlinks Bad backlinks and Good backlinks

Bad backlinks bring your website on the backfoot whereas the job of good backlinks is to rank your website at 2X speed. There are many ways and tools to identify backlinks.
If the number of bad backlinks on your website will be more than good backlinks, then the ranking of your website starts falling very fast, so it is important to keep monitoring the backlinks of your website from time to time and keep seeing which links helps to rank up and which make fall।
You can use tools like semrush and Ahrefs to check the quality of backlinks that are taking your website up and who is bringing them down.
In starting phase of SEO, experts create backlinks manually on your site, but as soon as your site becomes famous and you start putting good content, the news sites automatically start offering you backlinks that will help you. It means your backlink strategy is working and It is very beneficial.

Website speed-

Website speed is an essential part of SEO. If you are making your website responsive from 4 seconds to 2 seconds, then believe that your traffic will increase very fast and ranking will improve.

Google is known for giving the best and fastest answer to every person, to perform this task well, they have given great importance to the website speed in their new algorithm।
Websites whose speed is very slow, No matter how much quality content, it can never rank in the search result।
Google page insight and GT Matrix are the most famous tools to monitor your website speed। Just open this website on Google and put your website URL and get all data about the speed of your website. On this website, you will find the reasons which make your website slow and some suggestion to optimize your speed।

Bounce rate-

Bounce rate is a measure of how long a visitor stays on your website.
It is always considered in percentage and if your site has a high bounce rate, it means that your site may have a bad structure, loading speed, or some content problem.

If the bounce rate of your site is very high, then you should solve this problem as soon as possible. Because any client who visits your site once and if he immediately leaves the site because of any bad reason, it means that they visit your site again its chances are very less.

To know the bounce rate of the website, go to Google Analytics of your website and there you can check the bounce rate, average spending time, and high-performance pages of your website.

Conversion rate-

a conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential consumers who visit your website to buy your products or services and the overall percentage of these visitors that go on to make a purchase.
There are many ways to check conversion rates, but the most proven technique is Google Analytics. You can set a conversion goal on Google Analytics and keep measuring it. If the conversion rate is not according to the goal you have set, then you should try to find out that why did you not achieve your goals।

Why measuring SEO success is important?


If you hire an adequate SEO agency India for your website, then it can be very cost-effective for you. And somewhere after hiring, You feel slightly relaxed and you leave your online presence to that agency. After hiring an agency, it takes you three minimum three months to obtain a great position in search result।
In such a circumstance, if you do not comprehend, then you will not be able to comprehend what position you are in.
Remember the ranking of your website also counts on how much competition is there in your industry.
If your industry is very competitive then it may also take more than 3 months to see the outcome and if the competition is slighter then you may start seeing the outcome after one month of beginning.