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Blogs and Leads

Do Blogs Generate Leads for Your Online Business?

When I googled, “what a blog is?” Google’s outcome was: “a website for internet users where a person writes regularly on a topic of their interest;”.  With this answer from Google, another question may blast in your mind that blogging is beneficial only for users, then how is it beneficial for blog companies and blog owners? 

Today we will know the answer to this question. In this article we will Learn how you can boost your website or  ecommerce traffic and sales with the help of good blog posts? How can you create the best strategy to boost your traffic? and many more. Let’s have a look what topics we are going to cover in this article –

What is a Blog?

A blog is a collection of content written in a specific category or multi-category, in which there is complete information about the Data, information, planning, industrial past, present, and future.

The first blog was published in 1994 by Justin Hall

The research estimated that there are more than 600 million blogs over the internet and more than 3 billion searches are done daily. The world of blogging has changed tremendously since the early 90s. Now blogging is not just a hobby but has become a part of marketing for e-commerce and other online businesses.


Some basic facts about blogs-

Why are Blogs Important for Every Website?

More than 1500000 new blogs are published on the Internet every day, this is also true because due to increasing competition, bloggers want to write the best content so that the users get the exact solution of their query.

Today blogs are not limited to just sharing personal experiences, on the Internet. you will get to see some such academic and non-academic blogs which are full of useful information. If we talk about the best blogs in the field of digital marketing, then there are Hubspot, Neil Patel, Backlinko, Moz, SEJ, etc. 

By reading and understanding these blogs well, one can become an expert in the concept of digital marketing. These top blogs generate high-value leads and sales along with providing excellent knowledge to others, bringing in new traffic for themselves.

Blogs written for a business purpose, are much more to write than just letting followers know about the latest company news and events. When done properly, business blogging establishes you as an authority in your field, can improve your SEO India and give people an inside look at your culture.

When you deliver educating posts your customers about the product or service or industry they need, then it stand as a resource for them

Not only this, a valuable blog post proves you to be valuable in the eyes of Google and other search engines, as a result, you become more attracted to your computer.

In some research, it has been seen that companies who consider blogging as a part of their marketing get 97% more links than others and as we all know inbound links are one of the most important factors for your business. Which Google uses when ranking your site.

But what happens when visitors get there?

But what happens when a new user arrives? You want to attract them through your blog, prompt them with a call to action and turn into a loyal customer but before you can convert them into a loyal customer you have to get their personal information through a process called “lead generation”.

Here we are telling you some of the ways using which you can make your blog the best lead generation resource.

How Can Blogs Generate Leads for Your Website?

Blogs Generate Leads

Answer in one line: By writing content about the product or service that can win the trust of the prospect.

Leads are prospects that create loyal customers for your brand. Most digital marketers use different channels and strategies for online lead generation and boost their conversion rate. Blog helps to Brand awareness and By boosting the ranking of your web page, increases the traffic to the website which is an important part of lead generation.

Now, most companies are beginning to believe that blogging can be the key to success in the online world. Blogging is considered very important to convert visitors into leads, to make them pet customers, and to make them happy for sales.  

Although you cannot get success online just by having a blog, it is like an unlimited fuse.

When you publish articles related to your industry on your blog, then you build a loyal reader base and from this reader base, you will generate leads.

Some people make a mistake that they think that they should add any kind of blog to their website, they just mean traffic but by doing this no leads will be generated and in fact, it will not get much traffic.

Why is Your Content not Generating Leads?

There are billions of blogs on the internet but not all blogs are successful, they do not generate any leads, is your blog the same? If yes then do not worry, today your problem will be solved. Below are some points, which will help you to understand why it’s happening.

Steps Involved in Lead Generative Blog Strategy

Cover one Topic Per Post

While writing a blog, you should focus on only one topic. By doing this you will be able to solve the buyer-specific problem.

When your blog post is on a specific topic then it is easy for search engines to understand your blog category and what the blog is about, particularly as it relates to keywords.

By covering a single topic in a post your SEO strategy also becomes good and your site constantly comes up in search results.

At the writing a blog post you should keep in mind these points-

  • Include your targeted keyword in your title and keep the title to 55 characters long.
  • Don’t miss writing a meta description because these are the snippets that show in search results. The standard size of the night meta description is 140 characters.
  • Must include image files with alt tags, because search engines can’t read images and always read alt tags and image file names.
  • Always link to other pages of your site and other websites in your blog post because it indicates to  Google your blog post is valuable, and because of this your readers can also get information through links.

Proper update and post contents

Websites that update their blog daily and post new blogs, Google rewards them with providing a high ranking in SERPs.

Blogs are a kind of online library where readers regularly want something new. If you do not keep regulations in your blog, then there is a 90% chance that your readers will leave your website.

Add call to action (CTA)

When you motivate your readers to click any link through your blog, it is called a call-to-action.

For example: If you are writing a blog post for an e-commerce site, then in the call to action, you can offer a good discount or any free product so that consumers interact with your product page.

Reply to comment with CTAs

The comment section is the most engaging session in your blog post because you directly interact with your readers. 

so any query or questions to your readers in the comment section tries to answer with a call to action. So next time when someone asks for more information or a significant topic in the comment section, don’t just answer them, you must add a call to action.

Lead Conversion Opportunities

To create new opportunities to generate leads from the blog, you need to keep in mind the customer buyer journey.

While writing the blogs, First you have to find out the problem, then offer a great solution for it to your readers.

For Example: In this blog we are telling you how to generate leads from blogs? Suppose if we add a call to action button here in which we will offer you a free eBook, so that you can get a detailed understanding of how you can generate leads through your blogs. then maybe you will click on call-to-action to get the free e-book.

Same as it, you can do e-commerce when you are offering discounts to your consumer in call-to-action you can add your blog.

If you have more similar discount offers on  particular products on which you are writing blogs, now you should add a call to action in the sidebar.

NOTE-  if you add CTA of digital marketing ebooks in your eCommerce blogs then no one is going to visit your inserted link, so keep remember it, when you are adding calls to action.