A Comprehensive Guide to Content Creation and Promotion

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Content Creation

A Comprehensive Guide to Content Creation and Promotion

Content marketing is not a new concept, it has been an integral part of digital marketing strategy for many decades.  Although many marketers in India are still unaware of this concept or even knowing it, they do not understand it well.

But let me tell you that this is the most powerful part of digital marketing, that is, without it, you cannot create a good digital marketing strategy.

If content marketing is understood simply, then creating content and generating sales through it is called content marketing.

But it is not easy as I told you in one line.  From content creation to promotion, there are many things that we have to keep in mind, today we will discuss them.

What is the Motive of Content Marketing?

Content writing acts as a bridge between your customer and your product, but the question is not how content writing works, the question is how to create great content.

We will understand the answer to this question step by step in 3 parts.

1. Find Popular Content in Your Target Market

There are many types of content, it fits according to every industry. You need to know what type of content fits your industry.  When you find this, you get a great content title, you get the option.  By which you can capture the audience in your market.  This content can be in any form of video, podcast, blog post infographic.

Once you’ve got the top content in your industry, you have to analyze them very closely, understand their structure, understand the style, understand the images and understand the basic format.  Now the question may come to your mind: how will we find the top content of our industry? For this, you can use tools like buzzsumo, ahref.

2. Keep every material necessary to create content with you.

Essential material means the things that are used to create content such as images, keywords, videos, etc.

You will find many types of free and paid tools in the market that alarm you to create great content.  Using which you can make your content very best and search engine friendly.

Keep in mind, before creating content, analyze the content of your competitors, keep their position on Google, check the quality of their content, so that you create a good strategy for your content.  Try that your content is better than the competitor in every sense, when you do this, Google itself gives you the ranking, you do not need to do any other type of promotional activity.

Following are some basic tips to create great content-

  •  Subtract your mark keyword to the title
  •  Mention the keyword in the first paragraph of the article
  •  Use the h1 tag only once in the article
  •  Keep keyword density between 1 to 3 percent 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  •  Keep the contact length long.
  •  Keep in mind that integrity matters better than the amount.

Some other things that affect the performance of the content-

  •  Make a schedule of content and post on that schedule only, this will index your content quickly.
  •  Make content URLs engine friendly
  •   Make the meta title and meta description also search engine friendly.
  •  If you are writing a blog, then definitely use image video infographics in it.
  •  You can make your target keyword bold or in a different color so that Google can easily see it.

3. Select the right social media platforms to promote the content properly

Now that your content is prepared, the third and last step is its promotion. This is a very important factor because no matter how good content you create, if it does not reach people, then that content will have no purpose.

There are many methods for content promotion, if you have a good platform on which there is a good audience, then its promotion can be very easy, but keep in mind that the audience should be related to your field, you will not get a good response from the audience of any other field.  going to meet.

You can share your created content on some leading social media like Facebook Linked In Twitter Instagram Pinterest Dribble etc.

An email newsletter is one of the most prominent methods of content distribution, this is a very old method and is still very effective today.

For this, you have to get the emails of people interested in your industry, after that with the help of an email service provider, you have to send your blogs effectively to them.

By doing this you will be able to generate a lot of traffic to your blog.  One of the most important things that I forgot to mention is that after all these procedures, you need to be patient because the result is not available in 1 day.  You have to wait, you keep working with the right strategy, the result will start coming automatically.